Data in the insurance sector

December 2, 2022
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Data in the insurance sector by Nicolas Bodart

Legally, according to the GDPR regulations, as soon as they have customer data, and therefore, personal data, insurance companies cannot do what they want with.

To be sure they are compliant with it, they must answer to several audits (internal and external as well) that will control that the use of your data is well done and respect your privacy.

For this, our Capyx consultants are here to help to be sure that every single step during this process is respected, documented, and done in total transparency. They perfectly know what the best practices are and use it to protect your privacy, day by day.

I'm working in the “Employee Benefits” department of a big insurance company (hospitalization coverage, annuities, etc.). I provide my expertise as Data Steward to guide the several analysts who treat the data and bring it the perfect way to be compliant with it.

An example for this: the sending of your personal or financial data to several third parties (such as the Belgian federal pension platform, SPF Finances, etc.) for the taxes and pensions of the affiliates to be calculated, based on this. All the steps in this sending must be respected, for the affiliate’s privacy to be respected as well!


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