Enhancing your data governance

January 6, 2021

Data is one of the most valuable asset of a company. However the regulation has become more restrictive, specifically in relation with personal data and the companies have to adapt their processes in order to be compliant.

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A data cartography

In large organisation where the IT systems have evolved from decades, data are often spread everywhere.

To help our client, we build a data management approach based on :

- Identify the systems that handle the data

- Highlight the golden source (the real system that is owner of the data)

- Ensure that diffusion mechanisms are correctly managed and limit data replication to avoid data inconsistency

This approach allows us to draw a data cartography that provides a high level view on data. It is a powerful tool that allows to manage adequately the data in the future.

A strong governance

Life is full of rules ! It should be the same for data...

Data is an asset that needs to be managed coherently, based on shared rules across the company. Providing the right set of rules will guarantee data coherency that is mandatory in order to respect the legislation on data.

The empowerment of these rules is done via a strong governance that describes the rules to apply, how to apply them, the required frequency, ...

Any company should draft a data governance that is specific and applicable to his internal configuration. The governance has to be mandatory and supported by high management. And of course, an important training effort has to be done in order to ensure that all employees of the company understand how to apply this governance and - maybe more important - why.

At Capyx we help companies to elaborate the data cartography and to manage their data adequately. Our skilled consultants define with the customer the approach to reach a data improvement objective, and stay focus on it. In data management, maybe more than in other domains, progress are done on an iterative approach while keeping in mind the final target.


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